Compass Sport Trophy 2020 heat winnersHampstead Heath 15th March 2020

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Posted: Mon 16 Mar 2020

Thank you to all those who ran at Hampstead Heath especially those who ran up/down. I know a few were unable to make it due to the rise of Covid 19 in the UK. Team results show that we won the heat somewhat more convincingly that in 2019, 117 points ahead of DFOK and 120 ahead of MV.

COVID UPDATE: The 2020 final was cancelled, the plan is that all qualifiers for 2020 will be invited to complete in the 2021 final.

See London Orienteering Klubb for full results, our scorers were:

Luke Mills-Hicks9A100
Martin Lock7100
Phoebe King5100
Nick Green499
Karen Mills-Hicks599
Sophie Gordon398
Tom Edelsten798
Tina Mills-Hicks8B98
Richard Collyer198
Jeremy Wilde697
Sarah Darley8B96
Marion Payne-Bird396
Richard Heath494