Anytime Orienteering Opportunities

Venue Near Courses Type
Cranleigh Urban Godalming 1 Virtual
Farncombe Urban Godalming 1 Virtual
Farnham Urban Farnham 1 Virtual
Newlands Corner Guildford 2 Permanent
Newlands Corner Guildford 2 Virtual
Stoke Park Guildford 5 Virtual
Guildford Urban Guildford 1 Virtual
Petworth Park Chichester 3 Virtual

Virtual Orienteering Courses

It may be called “virtual”, but there’s nothing virtual about the terrain, the exercise and the navigation … using your smartphone (or alternatively your Garmin smart watch), MapRun offers a new dimension of socially distanced orienteering while still giving a challenge. All you need to do is to load the free app, choose a course, get there and start!

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Permanent Orienteering Courses

If you’d like to try orienteering while socially distancing, then a permanent course might be just right for you. It enables you to follow a map and find the controls in your own time.

For those new to orienteering there is a new Orienteering Foundation video Permanent Orienteering Courses – Discover an Outdoor Adventure to give you an idea of what to expect.