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Virtual Orienteering Courses

It may be called “virtual”, but there’s nothing virtual about the terrain, the exercise and the navigation … using your smartphone (or alternatively your Garmin smart watch), MapRun offers a new dimension of socially distanced orienteering while still giving a challenge. All you need to do is to load the free app, choose a course, get there and start!

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Permanent Orienteering Courses

If you’d like to try orienteering while socially distancing, then a permanent course might be just right for you. It enables you to follow a map and find the controls in your own time.

For those new to orienteering there is a new Orienteering Foundation video Permanent Orienteering Courses – Discover an Outdoor Adventure to give you an idea of what to expect.

Club News

Sun 24 Oct: Guildford City Race
Near: Guildford

An urban Regional Event, part of the 2021 SE Orienteering Urban League. Online advance entry only. SIAC will be enabled for the event.…

Winner of the VOC Extravaganza

VOC Prize

The results are in for the VOC Extravaganza.

And the winner with an unassailable lead after the initial Christmas opening of the courses was Richard Collyer.

Thu 13 May

Go Easter Extravaganza Orienteering Challenge

Easter eggs

It’s not quite the JK but to ease you back into orienteering we have resurrected the GO Christmas challenge for Easter!

The challenge is to complete 3 different GO VOCs during the 3+ weeks from Good Friday to Sunday 25th April. There will be some sort of handicap, still to be worked out, to make everything fair and to determine the GO VOC Champions!

Thu 8 Apr

Exiting COVID-19 restrictionsWhat can I do?

Adventure on doorstep

As the UK begins to exit from the recent COVID-19 virus lockdown UK orienteering events have started to resume.

So with that in mind we have an event on St Marth's Hill, Guildford on April 24th

Throughout the pandemic clubs have launched more socially distanced orienteering courses in the outdoors and these remain available. So if you want to get out and Orienteer and there isn't an event on nearby perhaps try a Virtual Orienteering course (also known as MapRunF) or a Permanent Orienteering course (our club’s is at Newlands Corner, Guildford, but there are many others).

Tue 6 AprRead more…

Compass Sport Trophy 2020 heat winnersHampstead Heath 15th March 2020

CompassSport Logo

Thank you to all those who ran at Hampstead Heath especially those who ran up/down. I know a few were unable to make it due to the rise of Covid 19 in the UK. Team results show that we won the heat somewhat more convincingly that in 2019, 117 points ahead of DFOK and 120 ahead of MV.

COVID UPDATE: The 2020 final was cancelled, the plan is that all qualifiers for 2020 will be invited to complete in the 2021 final.

Mon 16 Mar

Club Champs 2019/20 Round 6Final Results

Visiting a control marker

The 2019/20 club champs concluded at the HH event at Burnham Beeches and Egypt Woods. Richard has maintained the lead but there are a few changes below him

Wed 4 Mar

Club Champs 2019/20 Round 5

There was a good turnout of 21 Gophers (9 on the green course) and some fast runs but no changes at the top. We welcomed James back and it was good to see Tom competing again. They could both shake up the men's results.

Mon 24 Feb