NewcomersHow to Begin

Last updated: Thu 31 Aug 2023

To be honest we believe that the best way to learn orienteering is the same as the best way to learn to drive. Somebody at your side telling you what to do.

Training and Introductory sessions.

We offer 3 or 4 training sessions a term aimed at beginners and rusty orienteers, both junior and adults. The sessions will be listed on the website under the events section. Join our “training” mailing list email for more details.

We also aim to run a fun junior squad known as “GO Bananas”. Let us know if you or your family are interested again via email at the address above.

Introduction to events

Contact us and we’ll arrange to meet you at the next local event and take you around a course. We’ll explain everything that goes on at an event and what the procedures are. We’ll do this as many times as you want. When you feel happy about being self-sufficient, off you go.

We can handle singles, couples, families or groups. If you want a lift that’s no problem. You just need appropriate clothing/shoes for the outdoors. If you have a compass bring it along. If not, we have plenty of spares. Usually there is outside catering at the events.

Before you go, you might like to look at some online resources: