Puttenham Common Middle Distance 08/11/15

Puttenham Common Middle Distance 08/11/15 results and splits are here

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Post Events Comments

From the Planner:

Thank you to all who ventured to Puttenham Common. I hope you enjoyed the compact but varied area. I’m not sure if many of you managed to enjoy the generous views of the Surrey Hills whilst competing. Thanks go to Jenny Collyer, whose Controlling experience made for enjoyable Planning. I’d also like to thank Frederick Smith for his meticulous organisation.

Richard Collyer

From the Controller:

Puttenham is a lovely area for a Middle Distance race with plenty of runnable terrain and some hills which may have affected your route choice. The bracken died down a lot in the last few weeks and became easier to run through. The vague vegetation and open areas could prove confusing if one lost concentration. The GO team of officials and helpers worked calmly and effectively under the leadership of Frederick Smith. I would like to thank the many competitors for their positive comments.

Jenny Collyer

From the Organiser:

It’s at this point I can admit to being a novice Level C Organiser, but I was fortunate to have a very able and well practised GO team around me who were even able to predict correctly months before, how many participants there would be (233 actual versus 230 estimated). Richard was an enthusiastic planner always responding quickly to my queries, and ably assisted by a Controller from his own family. Back in September he was keen that I try out the Brown course, but I discovered that it was a lot trickier finding a 2 inch piece of tape instead of a proper sized control (also some of the tape wasn’t even there, I presume eaten by deer), furthermore this was before the map had been updated. So I wondered just how difficult this course was going to be, faring much worse than all of the Brown finishers on Sunday. But at least I did get to spend plenty of time experiencing the terrain and the glorious views! Apologies to all of you who were delayed at Puttenham due to the Remembrance Day parade – I only saw the sign for this on the day and it was far too late to do anything about it – next time I’ll think of using Twitter to let you know! Fortunately seasoned orienteers are resourceful navigators and apparently some found an alternative route to the event…

Frederick Smith