OO Trophy and Compass Sport Cup, Great Common 15/03/15

OO Trophy 2015 top table – well done all champions!

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Senior Men
1. James Crawford (GO) M60 109.4 points
2. Dave Rollins (SN) M50 107.7
3. Charles Bromley-Gardner (SLOW) M55 106.4

Senior Women
1. Janet Rosen (HH) W60 106.0
2. Sarah Brown (SLOW) W60 105.8
3. Ruth Holmes (SLOW) W21 105.1

Junior Men
1. David Bunn (TVOC) M14 129.5
2. Thomas Howell (SN) M14 127.1
3. Adam Conway (GO) M12 120.4

Junior Women
1. Fiona Bunn (TVOC) W16 113.6
2. Scarlet Heap (SO) W12 101.6
3. Chloe Cracknell (SOS) W14 94.6

Organiser’s Comments

Thanks for turning out in such numbers and good humour! I think I can say that we were lucky with the weather, although the reverse opinion is quite valid too. I have two items of lost property; one is a smart white technical T with green Copenhagen Challenge design (Turbo Triathlon Club) dated 14 August 2011. The other is a small Fresnel magnifier with a black cord. To claim either contact organiser at guildfordorienteers.co.uk

As is usual with organisers I am totally grateful to everyone, most especially the Planners and Controller, closely followed by the wonderful Guildford Orienteers.

BTW our Red Nose collection made a palindromic £18.81.


OO Trophy and Compass Sport Cup Course Results 15th March 2015, Great Common

OO Trophy and Compass Sport Cup Club Results 15th March 2015, Great Common

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