OO Trophy Blackheath 2/2/2014

OO Trophy 2nd February 2014 : Blackheath

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SE Championship medallists at bottom of this page.

OO Trophy winners and 2nd/3rd places are (click your name for certificate PDF download):

Senior Men – 1 Ian Cooper, M70, BKO  – 2 Colin Dickson, M55, BAOC  – 3 James Crawford, M55, GO

Senior Ladies – 1 Sarah Brown, W60, SLOW  – 2 Sue Hands, W65, WIM  – 3 Melanie Slade, W45, SN

Junior Men – 1  Alistair Masson, M18, SO  – 2 Tim Morgan, M18, SOC  – 3 Angus Harrington, M14, HH

Junior Ladies – 1 Natalia Pereverzina, W20, HH  – 2 Beth Hanson, W18, HH  – 3 Maria Pereverzina, W18, HH  (clean sweep for HH there!)

Organisers’ comments

Well the weather gods were looking down on us on Sunday, and we were all lucky to have such a glorious day. We hope that you all had an enjoyable day, and from comments overheard and received, it does appear that the vast majority enjoyed the excellent courses planned by Gary. As the old saying goes, you can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but managing the elusive all of the people all of the time seems to be a bit of a challenge. Perhaps next year…

As you would have seen from the final details, securing a suitable parking area was a bit of a challenge, and it was great for us all that the sports club at Albury allowed use of the sports ground and pavilion. Having a central base with facilities on hand makes for a much nicer experience and we trust you enjoyed that. Apologies for those affected when the water supply to the toilets dried up. Unfortunately this was outside of our control and it was lucky that we had the additional toilet outside.

No event can be held without a lot of dedicated helpers, so it is only right that we make mention of the key players who made this event happen.

Planners : Gary and George Simmons – planned some excellent and challenging courses on a great area. They also put out controls, collect in, sorted out OCAD, map printing and a multitude of other jobs. Mark Smith who almost lives on the area also had an early start on Sunday to put out controls. Thanks.
Controller : Mike Murray (SLOW) – calm and so laid back as to be pretty close to horizontal.
Entries : Deborah Simmons – not only took on the pre-entries but also spent a lot of time trying to find alternative car parking when we were having problems. Tireless help on the day too on lots of jobs.
Road Signing : Tim Pugh – you all got there so it must have worked. Tim also helped with anything else that was needed. Thanks Tim.
Car Parking : Pete Couldery and team. It was always going to be a challenge, and as entries topped 400 I was genuinely worried. Pete and team did a great job in squeezing everyone in, and Pete did ask me to pass on a big thank you to you, the competitors, for being so understanding and cooperative with the sometimes awkward parking. Thanks.
EOD / Equipment : Barbara Lugton – every club should have one … or more if you can get them.
Enquiries : Jim Morris – I expect Jim probably persuaded you to go on a bike ride with VC Meuden too.
Far Start : Phil Conway and team. Great team who were lucky to be able to do the nice job of setting you on your way.
Near Start : Pete and Jenny Nicholls – making sure the next generation had a great experience.
IT / Download : Jon Darley – Download and a host of other IT tasks that only Jon seems to know about
Control Collecting : Christine, Keith, James and others. Not what we really want to do at the end of a tiring day, but has to be done.
Organizer : Jeremy Wilde – partner in crime for this event. Felt guilty having missed Ambersham but was a rock as always at this event.

Finally we should thank Tom Edelsten for producing an excellent map. The mapper rarely seems to get a mention, but without maps we have no sport.

Alastair Doyle

What more can I say? Thank you Alastair, and thanks all, especially the weather god!

Jeremy Wilde

Planner’s comments

I’ve lived close to Blackheath for some 23 years, and it has been an ambition of mine to plan there since I was an M35 in short o-pants. I run there a lot, but there were parts of the area I didn’t know at all and I started looking at possible control sites and routes last July (despite the 3m high man-eating bracken making reconnaissance tricky!). It was soon apparent that the map was ragged and I hope you agree that Tom Edelsten did a good job at bringing it up-to-date. It certainly gave me the confidence I needed to plan.

Blackheath has a variety of micro-terrains ranging from fast pine forest and heather heathland in the North, through various grades of pine plantation to some lovely runnable open deciduous forest in the South. The ‘ bracken Heathland’ in the middle and southern latitudes hides some interesting tight contour details, and I took all the main courses to visit at least one such technical patch. I’m also conscious that with deciduous woodland we get brambles, and there were some patches in the SW which I think were a) relatively easy to navigate through and b) a pleasant reminder about just how good an area this is compared to others in the SE. This the first major day-time event for 10 years: we should use it more. There are ( in theory) parking options around the whole area, so different shapes of courses could be built, making subsequent events far from boring.

I wanted to utilise Albury Warren for the White and Yellow as a) it was such a runnable joy for kids ( and has less horse-riders than Blackheath itself) and b) remembering when my kids were small, to minimize the hassle for parents with split-times.

This was a Level B event in a relatively large and historically fast area, so I set course lengths to tie in with targeting not too ridiculously fast times for the elite orienteers, scaling down the other courses according to the guidance. Hence the 14.2 km Black. The wining times seemed to be in line with anticipation, so I was comfortable with the outcome.

Being a plodder not a runner, my planning style is to have a large number of controls where possible, and a certain amount of short technical legs to demonstrate fine orienteering skills rather than brute speed. Thanks to all of you who have loaded your routes on RouteGadget. I was encouraged that where I thought there was choice, there indeed was, but an area in the north surprised me by the number of you who took the more physical direct routes. I was convinced the southerly alternatives were optimal.

Thanks to Mike Murray for keeping me honest, with his calm comments and staggering ability to get round about 16km to check the controls in double quick time, and thanks to Team GO and the Organisers, especially for the weather. A very special thanks goes to Mike Elliot of MV for some beyond-the-call-of-duty help on OCAD. Without Mike, we may not have been able to get the printing done in time.

Finally, thanks to all of you for coming along. a good turn out is very gratifying to the planner. I was worried at one point that some some of the courses were going to take longer to plan than the aggregate running times of all the competitors!

Gary Simmons


The SE Champs Medallists are (in course order from Black to Yellow):

M21 GOLD Paul Couldridge, SLOW – SILVER Thomas Cochrane, SLOW – BRONZE Dan Findlay-Robinson, SLOW
M35 GOLD Eoin O’Callaghan, SLOW – SILVER Paul Todd, LOK
M40 GOLD Alan Velecky, SO – SILVER Kenny Leitch, SO – BRONZE Alastair Oates, BAOC
M18 GOLD Alistair Masson, SO
M45 GOLD Peter Huzan, SLOW – SILVER Neil Speers, DFOK – BRONZE Jon Chandler, LOK
M50 GOLD Keith Masson, MV – SILVER Neil Crickmore, SO – BRONZE Chris Hooker, SO
M55 GOLD James Crawford, GO – SILVER Ian Ditchfield, MV – BRONZE Nick Hale, SN
M60 GOLD Andy Robinson, SLOW – SILVER Charlie Turner, SLOW – BRONZE Paul Street, SLOW
M16 GOLD Edward Lines, SO – SILVER Daniel Figg, HH
M65 GOLD Alan Williamson, SO – SILVER Mick Smith, HH – BRONZE Peter Martin, SAX
M70 GOLD Mike Perry, SAX – SILVER Mike Baron, SO – BRONZE Leslie Hooper, SO
M75 GOLD Jeremy Oldershaw, SAX – SILVER Douglas Deeks, SAX – BRONZE John Brown, SN
M80 GOLD Chris Baker, DFOK
M14 GOLD Angus Harrington, HH – SILVER Adam Conway, GO – BRONZE Samuel Leitch, SO
M10 GOLD Matthew Taylor, SAX – SILVER Henry Taylor, SAX

W21 GOLD Jayne Sales, SLOW – SILVER Ester Bonmati, SLOW – BRONZE Katie McInnes, SLOW
W35 GOLD Carys Morgan, SLOW – SILVER Stephanie Moss, SLOW
W40 GOLD Sheralee Bailey, DFOK – SILVER Sarah Louise Francis, SN – BRONZE Anna Chapman, SO
W18 GOLD Beth Hanson, HH – SILVER Maria Pereverzina, HH
W20 GOLD Natalia Pereverzina, HH
W45 GOLD Julia Jarvis, SO – SILVER Dorte Torpe Hansen, SLOW – BRONZE Maire Convery, HH
W50 GOLD Karen Jones, SLOW – SILVER Linda Pakuls, GO – BRONZE Susan Crickmore, SO
W55 GOLD Janet Rosen, HH – SILVER Christine Jepson, SO – BRONZE Alison Saunders, HH
W60 GOLD Sarah Brown, SLOW – SILVER Christine Kiddier, GO – BRONZE Michele Funnell, SO
W65 GOLD Liz Drew, HH – SILVER Anne May, SLOW – BRONZE Frances Goldingay, HH
W70 GOLD Susan Parker, SO – SILVER Bridget Hooper, SO – BRONZE Susan Marsden, HH
W80 GOLD Anne Power, LOK – SILVER Dorothy Hale, SAX