Fairly Far Farley 26/01/20

Thanks for coming along, hope you all enjoyed your run today. Thanks to Albury Estate and the Hurtwood Control for permission to use the area.

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British Orienteering News Item

Lost property is one left hand glove see picture at bottom of page. Contact organiser at guildfordorienteers.co.uk. Regatta jacket has been reunited with owner.

Planner comments:
I was very happy to be part of a team of great volunteers who helped prepare the event and on the day. The area was a tricky one to plan a middle distance race on due to the proliferation of paths.  Additionally, there were a few “choke” points through which most of the longer courses were funnelled, so I tried to vary the legs in those places rather than many runners following each other.   The area varied a lot in types of runnability with clear forest, bracken, brambles and brashings.  This made route choices harder to plan, so I had to do a lot of preparation and map updates in the terrain.

Many thanks to Gordon and Jeremy for their patient help.  I hope to widen my experience in organising / planning orienteering events in future and it was so fantastic to see so many runners come and enjoy the courses!
Adam Conway (GO)

Controller comments:
Another well organised and planned UKOL and SEL Middle race by Guildford’s very efficient team. Jeremy had the organisation well under control and everything ran very smoothly during the day. Parking was probably the biggest challenge given the time of year and weather conditions. I would like to particularly single out Adam Conway, the planner – this was Adam’s first significant event from a planning perspective and he did a great job producing interesting and varied courses – hopefully you agree. Well done for taking on the challenge Adam – it is great getting younger planners on board and hopefully we will see you planning more events in the future. Lots of positive comments about the event at the finish which is great to see.
Gordon Parker (SLOW)

Organiser comments:
Thank you everyone – Adam (and so many Conways!), Gordon, all our non-Conway helpers and all competitors who came to Farley Heath on a grey day on which the rain held off for just long enough. The car park team were miraculous and Mark is a star for letting us use it.
Jeremy Wilde (GO)