Puttenham Classic 20/01/19



Photos by Steve Rush

LOST PROPERTY:¬†the hat has been reunited with its owner ūüôā

Planner comments: We hope you enjoyed the courses today. The course planning aimed to present you with a sustained challenge, offering route choices and requiring map contact throughout. We included the butterfly loops on the longer courses as a bit of fun, with runners coming and going in all directions.

GO’s SE League event next winter will be on 2nd Feb 2020 at Woolbeding – another great area. Hope to see you there!

Phil Conway

Controller comments: It was a pleasure working with Jeremy and Phil and the broader Guildford team which all worked very efficiently together. They put together a well organised and planned South East league event which hopefully you found was a different take on Puttenham from that experienced at the Southern Night Championships. Phil definitely tried to maximise the area, which is always a challenge given the high density of paths and its relatively small size РI believe he achieved an interesting mix of legs aiming to keep you off paths as much as possible while avoiding the worst of the heather and using the butterfly loops as an added variant. I hope you agree.

Gordon Parker (SLOW)

Organiser comments: How lucky to get that weather! A day earlier would have been such a downer. Thanks for coming – we haven’t had a turnout like that at a GO event for a very long time.

I am indebted to Phil for making the event such a success – the planning is the very essence of the thing. And to Gordon for being the Controller from heaven! But most of all to my club-mates who realised Team GO yet again with such spirit and enthusiasm.

Jeremy Wilde