The Annual North Downs Relay Race
for teams of 16 runners
The 2015 race will be on Saturday 25 July 2015

SLOW won the 2014 race to retain the title..

The 2015 race will once again be run from both ends into the middle at Vigo Inn, starting at Dover and Farnham at 9:00am.

The winning team is awarded the David Earle Trophy for a year.

The race follows 121 miles of the North Downs Way ‘National Trail’ between Dover and Farnham. Each relay leg has a mass start when the previous leg's first finisher arrives to set them off.

Please note that the routes in the Google maps below are indicative only. The officially marked path on the ground is the definitive route, not the lines on these maps.

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The event's rules are simple and sparse.

  • 1. Each team must have a minimum 4 legs run by females - penalty 10 minutes per missing female (ie all-male team suffers a 40 minute penalty).
    As there are no separate men's/ladies'/veterans' categories this handicap rule aims to encourage balance in the teams.

  • 2. If a runner runs more than one leg they must be consecutive.
    The relay has always aimed to attract full teams of 16 runners, one per leg, but this allows that it is hard to co-ordinate such a large number.

  • 3. The leg time runs from the mass start time; a late starter will have no adjustment made.
    In case a runner is late for the start of any legs (especially possible with multi-leg runners).

  • 4. If a runner finishes a leg after the cut-off time, they will be awarded the cut-off time.
    To save timekeepers having to hang around for people who get lost, we have "cut-off" times for each leg.

  • 5. If a team has no runner for a leg, the team is awarded the cut-off time plus 10 minutes. The leg may be run by a runner from a different (non-consecutive) leg, with a penalty of 10 minutes being added to the runner's time (or to the cut-off time if finishing after cut-off).
    To enable the absence of a single runner not to spoil a team's day out.

  • 6. Rule 5 only applies to up to 2 missing leg runners. More than 2 missing means the team is disqualified and may be ineligible for any prizes. For the avoidance of doubt, missing runners cannot be claimed as missing females.
    To allow a modicum of leeway but avoid too much.

  • 7. Legs 4, 16back, 15back and 11back end at a road which is not crossed, and the following legs start on the other side of the road. Leg 14back ends at the river bank before crossing the Stepping Stones and Leg 13back starts from the far bank.
    This is a safety rule. Leg 3 may finish before crossing the level crossing if the barrier is closed or closing, at the discretion of the changeover officials.
  • Saturday 25 July 2015

    Starting at 9h00 at both ends: Shakespeare Cliff (Leg 1), Dover and Farnham By-pass (Leg 16 back).

    Finish at the Vigo Inn pub, around 17h00-17h30

    Leg noLength (km) Record time (mm:ss)Cut off time (mins) Start timeStart at (grid ref)Finish at
    1 11.2 49:23 (Saxons?) 95 Mass start at 09h00 Shakespeare Cliff, Dover (308400) Castle Hill
    2 13.3 53:49 (Matt Lynas, SLOW) 100 Mass start at finish leg 1 (c 10h00) Castle Hill (213382) Stowting Tiger
    3 10.5 46:51 (Dick Clark, SLOW) 93 Mass start at finish leg 2 (c 11h10) Stowting Tiger (120414) Wye Station
    4 11.0 40:49 (Mark Chapman) 87 Mass start at finish leg 3 (c 12h00) Wye Station (047469) Charing
    5 12.3 50:56 (Andrew Redington, LOK) 97 Mass start at finish leg 4 (c 12h50) Charing (957499) Hollingbourne
    6 16.7 76:30 120 Mass start at finish leg 5 (c 14h00) Hollingbourne (845554) Bluebell Hill
    7 8.0 28:26 72 Mass start at finish leg 6 (c 15h30) Bluebell Hill (745621) Medway Bridge west
    8 13.2 54:43 (Tom Mendum, GO, 2004) 103 Mass start at finish leg 7 (c 16h00) Medway Bridge west (717673) Vigo Inn
    16 back 10.6 42:14 (Paul Couldridge, SLOW, 2009) 90 Mass start at 09h00 Farnham by-pass, A31 Puttenham (934478)
    15 back 12.4 47:54 (Iain Rochford, GO) 94 Mass start at finish leg 16 (c 9h45) Puttenham (934478) Newlands Corner, Guildford (044492)
    14 back 15.0 (16.3 2006) 66:40 (Charlie Whetham, SLOW, 2005) 108 Mass start at finish leg 15 (c 10h45) Newlands Corner, Guildford (044492) Stepping Stones, Dorking (172512)
    13 back 11.8 46:41 (Chris Beecham) 93 Mass start at finish leg 14 (c 12h00) Stepping Stones, Dorking (172512) Reigate Hill (262523)
    12 back 11.5 46:29 (Paul Brooks, SLOW, 2005) 92 Mass start at finish leg 13 (c 12h50) Reigate Hill (262523) Caterham bypass, A22 (349537)
    11 back 11.0 49:47 (Alan Leakey, SLOW) 96 Mass start at finish leg 12 (c 13h40) Caterham bypass, A22 (349537) Betsoms Hill Farm (441559)
    10 back 9.8 44:14 (Mike Farmery, SLOW) 90 Mass start at finish leg 11 (c 14h30) Betsoms Hill Farm (441559) Rose & Crown, Dunton Green (507579)
    9 back 14.7 (15.8 GPS2006) 63:48 (Charlie Whetham, SLOW, 2004) 110 Mass start at finish leg 10 (c 15h20) Rose & Crown, Dunton Green (507579) Vigo Inn (631610)
    Finish Vigo Inn (631610)

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