Club Championship Events 23/24

Posted: Thu 28 Sep 2023

It seems as if the summer is only just over, but here are the GO champs events for 2023/24.

As always your best 4 scores count

Sunday 8th October Regional OK Nuts Holmwood Common SLOW

Sunday 15th October Regional Jack of Herts Panshanger West HH

Sunday 5th November National & S Champs Nov Classic SOC

Sun 19th Nov 2023 Regional SCOL2 Black Park SCOA league BKO

Sun 26th Nov 2023 National SN Trophy Mychett

Sun 10th Dec 2023 National TVOC Chiltern Challenge Regional Event & SCOA Championships Naphill and Bradenham

Fri 29th Dec 2023 Regional SCOL4 Hogmoor SN

Sun 14th Jan 2024 National Westerham Chart (Sevenoaks) DFOK

Sun 28th Jan 2024 National Concorde Chase Barossa BKO

GO Club Champs - Recap of the Rules

1. Scores are based on an ideal par speed (mins/km) for each age class. If you run a course that counts for your age class in the ideal par time, you get 100 points.

For example, your age class par speed is 7 mins/km and the course you run is 4 km – you need to run it in 28 mins to score 100 points. Faster and you score more; slower and you score less.

2. You can run up but there are no bonus points (the course is longer so you have to keep up the ideal par speed for longer!).

3. You can run down by one course (see list below), or two courses if you are M/W18+, but you will only get 75% of the points. However, no M/W18+ can run down to Light Green or less. M/W16 can run down to Light Green (and all courses in between).

If you run down further than the above you will not score

4. Courses for each age class are:

Open (longest course) – M21

Brown – M35/40

Short Brown – W21, M18/20/45/50

Blue – W35/40, M16/55/60

Short Blue – W18/20/45/50, M65

Green – W16/55/60, M70

Short Green – W65/70, M75+

Very Short Green – W75+

Light Green – M/W14

Orange – M/W12

Yellow – M/W10


For each club champs event, the longest course will be designated "Open". Where events do not have the course for your age class you should run the next course up if you want 100% of your points.

5. Best 4 results to count.

6. Minimum score 5 points (i.e you get round but slowly – your time is 3 x ideal or more)

7. Juniors can be shadowed and then they get 50% of the points they would have got if not shadowed. If they are helped they get 5 points.