A-Mazing Scoutabout



Posted: Mon 11 Jul 2022

On 1st to 3rd July Scoutabout, the tri-annual County-wide camp attended by Scouts and Guides all over Surrey at Ardingly Showground was back after two postponements.

As in 1997, 1st Brookwood Scouts "borrowed" the Guildford Orienteers maze.

The photo above is of the course as set up for Saturday.

We may have set it up double the usual size, not sure, as the orange fence only made it halfway round.

We ran the Keith Tonkin set of 3 courses on the Saturday and got 300 people in 5 hours, so 1 every minute, and many of them did more than one course. One keen customer did Course 3 7 times.

On the Sunday we altered the course slightly for the course which allows you to run outside the maze but I didn't realise and didn't take the outside fence, which confused at least one ex-GO orienteer who was made to do the course by our Rangers, couldn't keep herself away.

Sunday we got over 150 customers, so a total of 450 people had a go during the camp, which is about 10% of the attendees. A big well done to our unknown-to-GO Young Leaders Lydia and Amy who were kept very busy listing everyone, giving out dibbers, working the printer and not losing anything.

Paul "Huckle" Szarvas

Very inert family member of GO ;-)