German Sprint Champs and National Event

The National Sprint Champs. were held in the Tiergarden in the centre of Berlin. Very fast, very direct, sometimes very small control features.

The National Event was held in a nature reserve in the Briese valley near Birkenwerder on the outskirts of Berlin. With a combination of mixed woodland, varying runnability and moderate climb the terrain “Briesetal” offers perfect conditions for exciting and challenging competitions.

The sprints were around park and woodland of Tiergarden. Whilst we all ran fast enough to run in the A finals, being Brits, we had to run the B final and were listed at the bottom of the results. Not really what we were expecting. The B final on the W55 course was on the simple side! The forest was much more exciting although a little on the short side. James, Linda and myself all won our courses, and Keith came 3rd. A good result for GO Gezellig team.


The M55 course won by James with Keith in third place:

EPSON MFP imageThe GO squad in relax mode after their runs: