Coaching Sessions

As part of my Level 2 coaching qualification, I am running a series of sessions teaching the skills of navigating around an orienteering course. The sessions will include exercises relevant to specific techniques used in navigating. The sessions will be progressive to move you up the colour coded courses to enable you to eventually take on the harder courses or if you are already at the green/blue standard but are struggling with it, to help you become more confident and provide you with the range of skills to complete the courses competently.

Come along to the first session this Wednesday (23rd September) at 6pm by the lower steps of the entrance to the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre.

Christine Kiddier

GO @ 50

The first celebration of 50 years of Guildford Orienteers took place today at Chapel Common. There were two courses on offer – a challenging Yellow Course of 2.2K for those used to path junctions – none used – and a Green Course of 4.1K. These were planned by Keith. Chapel Common is a small area but with many features and provided a good middle distance course with route choice depending on whether you wanted to plough through vegetation, which is rampant at the moment, or use the paths. The weather was mainly warm and sunny. Afterwards we all had lunch at the Black Fox Inn. Jon Darley kindly baked an enormous cake. Nigel Collard cut the cake. He has been a GO member alot longer than most of us. Jeremy provided a quiz for the Juniors, and he also presented the Club Championship cups to Adam Conway (Junior Boys), Sarah Darley (Junior Girls), Nick Green (Senior Men) and Christine Kiddier (Senior Women).                                                                          Many thanks for making the effort to come and run, and celebrate GO @ 50. There were at least 30 runners. It was good to see you all and make the occasion a success.               Particular thanks to Jenny Nicholls who did most of the download, Jeremy for running the start, Jon for baking the cake, Keith for planning the courses and Marion and Frances for helping to collect controls.



Harvester Relay 2014

I entered a team into the Harvester Relay which took place on Winterfold, east of Guildford, last Sunday. I entered a 5 person team in the handicap B competition. The race started at 1.30am. The sky was clear and the moon was out — so I was told!! I was asleep in the car trying to get enough sleep to feel energetic at 4am. Pete Couldery started off with the shorter night leg of 5.9k/215m of climb and 15 controls. He came back in 6th place. Keith Tonkin then set out on the long night leg – 8.4k/255m of climb/24 controls – a challenge. He came back in 9th position. I then did the night/dawn shortest leg – 3.7k/110m of climb and 11 controls. Not my best run but ok. Picked up a couple of places. Phil Conway then went out on the first shorter day leg – a repeat of Pete’s leg but not the same controls. He zoomed round that and brought the team up to 4th I think, and Nick Green kept the place during the long day leg – the same as Keith but different controls. That must be the best result we have had in the Harvester for years. I think we were 3rd handicap team, but 4th overall on the B course. Well done to you all. Chris