The Chantries CATI – 7/7/15

A big thank you to everyone who helped, and especially to James & Chris who came up with the courses!

We had the tent and assembly area by the campfire site which was nice as there were logs to sit on and ashes to be kicked by the juniors! Only drawback was the walk from car park with O gear because of locked barrier. There were 25 runners, most were juniors. And there were Y and W courses available, but the contour one was too overgrown so we scrapped that one. At the tail end we ran out of Y maps so had to recycle them (could have done with a few extra).

2 or 3 got lost on the yellow, but did return eventually! It seemed like every participant enjoyed themselves.

Sarah Wilde was fastest on yellow with 17:17 and Anna Fowler close behind with 18:19. Theo Kemp and Jake Mills Hicks were the fastest under 16s on white with 16:25 and 16:23 respectively. Some people had enough time to do both white and yellow!

As for the weather it turned into a lovely evening, though it nearly started raining. Well just enough to make us put the tent up! And we had enough helpers, just as well, as you can’t put up that tent single handedly!

Results are here: CATI results – 7 July 2015

Frederick Smith (organiser)