Ambersham 01/12/13

Results: Level C 1st December 2013 : Ambersham

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Organiser’s Comments

Thank you all for coming, and we hope you enjoyed the excellent courses that Jim planned. I heard nothing but positive comments as I loitered in assembly, and if you haven’t added your route to RouteGadget yet please do, as it is always of interest to the planner to see where you went. Ambersham is a great area and offers a good technical challenge in many areas and also some lovely open forest and heathland where running direct is possible which isn’t always an option in the SE.
No event can be held without the help of many willing and enthusiastic club members, plus the various land owners who generously allowed us to share this delightful little corner of West Sussex. I would first like to thank Clive Murray and Canine Partners for the use of the great parking field and also toilet facilities. I hope the 1 km walk to the common wasn’t too arduous for you, but as we all know, securing parking is one of the biggest headaches, and having access to Canine Partners was in my mind pretty close to perfect. Thank you for supporting Clive on the day by purchasing merchandise and as I am sure you know, Canine Partners do a fantastic job in helping folk less able than us. I would also like to thank Mr R Windle of Cowdray Estates and Mr Nigel Hiscoke of Natural England for the use of the commons.
Team GO as always rose to the occasion and worked hard to ensure you all had an enjoyable day. I won’t list everyone here, but a very big thanks from me for another great event. I would also like to thank Mike Bray from SN who was Controller of this event and did a great job.
There was an issue on Blue as you will see from Jim’s planners comments where a few folk went out of bounds and asked to be Disq. I have to say I was very impressed by your honesty and it just goes to show what fair minded and honest folk take part in our sport. Thank you.
So Ambersham pretty well done and dusted, and our next event is already being planned and we will look forward to welcoming you to Blackheath on 2nd February 2014. Blackheath is another fine area and well worth coming to, so make a note in your diary and we look forward to seeing you there.
Finally, on behalf of GO, I would like to wish you all a great Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2014, and may all of your controls be in the right place.
Alastair Doyle

Planner’s comments

Question. Does the Planner get more out of the event than those who run the courses? Well for Ambersham I think I may have done. Firstly you have time on your own exploring all parts of the Common, coming upon things, plants, birds, animals, views, that give great pleasure. Then there is the challenge of trying to make up the best courses possible. There is also the not so good such as hours in front of a computer and getting to grips with the software. But then at the end perhaps the best bit is hearing you say you enjoyed the courses.
Quite a bit of the Common was a no go because the bracken was like a jungle. Then there were the Out of Bounds. So the courses were a bit constricted. In particular for the two longest courses finding a challenging final few controls was difficult. I just hope that what went before made up for that. I can only promise all competitors that you went to the best and most challenging bits of the Common.
The Out of Bounds (imposed by Natural England) were intrusive and I planned courses that I thought would successfully avoid them. For most this worked fine but a number have said that confusion with where they were (temporarily displaced!!) meant that inadvertently they strayed into an OOB. Some of those who later realised this came forward to say so and requested they be excluded from the results. This we have done. We thank you all for coming forward and hope this did not spoil your day too much.
So for me the event was a great success. I hope it was for you too.
Finally many thanks to those who helped me put out and collect in controls. It just made my job so much easier. I was tired when I got home. It could have been a lot worse! And thanks to Mike Bray from all for being a sympathetic and helpful Controller. All your work was much appreciated Mike.
Jim Morris