Norbury Park middle 13/11/16

Norbury park middle distance race results and split times are here: results

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Planner comments – Keith Tonkin

I hope you enjoyed the flatter and generally runnable parts of Norbury Park. It meant a climb up to the start/finish area but I assume that was appreciated by most, and prevented some dead running either at the beginning or end. In places you may have had to dodge trees, ducking and diving to avoid branches, but for the most part the underfoot terrain should have been reasonable. In this middle format I tried to keep a need to stay in touch at all times, especially if taking legs direct. Keeping the courses within a compact area of Norbury Park enabled me to create a 1:7500 map that fitted A4, the larger scale hopefully helping direct running and clarity of the vegetation.

I would like to thank Christine (helping check sites, putting out lots of controls and also collecting in), my other control collectors (Ben, Helen, Richard) and our controller Charlie Turner, who as always was very thorough.

Organiser comments – Frederick Smith

This was my 2nd Level ‘C’ event as Organiser and I was fortunate to have such an experienced Planner in Keith; he was also able to fit in the SN Handicap course relatively late in the day. Christine Kiddier also helped with control sites, and Charlie Turner as Controller gave good advice. Hoping that for those that parked at the Leisure Centre, the walk to Registration was not too onerous the Young Street car park did fill up by 11am, so it was necessary. Thanks to the Leisure Centre for giving us permission to use their car park. Not sure if anyone found our Twitter updates on the car parking useful, but at least we provided the information….  I would also like to particularly thank MVOC for sharing their area and Philip Gristwood’s map with GO. To those that did both the Norbury Park Night & Day, I hope you all had a good weekend’s orienteering!

Controller comments – Charlie Turner

Frederick’s event organisation went well with enough helpers for all the tasks. The car park seemed to take a lot of people and the sun tried to peep through for some of the day.  People were complimentary about Keith’s courses, which had plenty of changes of direction and some good route choices.  My controlling input was very limited as Frederick and Keith had covered most of the important aspects in their early drafts.  The event was of course only possible because there was a  good O map and thanks for this must go to Philip Gristwood of MV.

Well done GO!

Lost property

One small grey fingerless glove, seeking partner. Contact if this may be yours.


Surrey Wildlife Trust for allowing us to use the area and parking. MVOC for allowing us to use their map.

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