St Martha’s 24/04/21

It was a glorious day , perfect conditions for our small event, which turned out not to be so small, probably reflecting itchy lock down feet, the iconic venue and the fine weather.

Thanks to all the competitors for turning up, the helpers for their dedication to the cause and all for your patience with the car parking arrangements.

We have one piece of lost property, a red vapo arm control sleeve.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next similar event, a level D on the nearby Chantries, Saturday 15th May.

Marion Payne-Bird, Organiser

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Our planner, Tom Edelsten writes:

St Martha’s Hill: we received a few remarks about a hilly course – but then the clue is in the name.

In planner mode you might view a leg as too simple, e.g. just “blast up the hill to a massive linear feature – no prob.” In competitor mode we know that we have to maintain a clear head and to analyse each leg that the planner has set, but Ha! Ha!, it’s easier said than done.

Running the Score you also have to do your own planning job at the same time. So those controls separated horizontally by only 30m are also separated vertically by about 20m; this becomes increasingly important as you get older…

We hope you considered that St Martha’s in Spring sunshine was a Saturday morning well spent.

And Finally…
Thanks to Robin Smith we can share with you the map and results of the St Martha’s Bluebell Event 50 years ago, almost to the day. Robin was there again today, and also Charlie Turner… 50 years of rivalry!