Chobham Challenge 27/10/19

Thanks for joining us today at Chobham Common. We hope you enjoyed your runs.



Start - ChobhamChallenge

Planner’s Comments – Martin Wilson (BKO)

The Common is a difficult area to plan on with the Assembly and crossing points all in the NW corner, and the rougher terrain in the western half. I managed to squeeze Yellow and Orange into the safe triangular section just S of the M3, enabling us to have one Start and Finish for all courses. The Common is more runnable than it used to be, but still difficult for Light Gn and Short Gn, who had a tough first half before the forested sections. I used the awkward green and blue area in the centre of the map to give diversions for all classes on long legs with multiple path options, encouraging short cuts in terrain, letting each runner choosing their own terrain/path mix. Green was a tough course, many people had problems with 1-2, and their long leg was also Brown 12-13, so no relief there. I hope they enjoyed their shortest leg 8-9: many route options, more like an urban leg to reach the actual control.

The area really suited Blue and Brown, both courses reaching further east into good open running terrain. But still only Brown got to visit the lovely runnable forested section on the E of the map. Blue’s three longest legs were 36% of their course, and gave some extended hard running. Brown used the entire area, switching between open and forest several times; I hope that kept interest high on terrain which is not particularly technical. The penultimate leg on each of these courses gave route choices through carefully mapped rough terrain, showing no mercy at the end of a long run.

I hope you all enjoyed your day in the sun on a beautiful heathland area, and that many of you will show your routes on Routegadget. Thank you to GO for giving me the opportunity to plan the event. Particular thanks to Fred and Phil for their support; also to Tom Edelsten and James Crawford for some excellent work updating the previous map. I greatly enjoyed the assignment.

Organiser’s Comments – Frederick Smith (GO)

Hoping you enjoyed your day on the Common, most people I talked to were very appreciative that it hadn’t been the day before (when the Planner and other members of his team were soaked putting out controls).  I had the relatively easy job of doing the signs but still got rather wet.  Thanks too for RAFO extending our event attendance with their club championship making a total of 229 runners.

My day started at 07:45 spending half an hour trying to unlock the overflow car park barrier padlock.  Thankfully I succeeded so didn’t have to plan alternative car parks on the fly – it wouldn’t have been easy with the 140 cars we had.  The day got better after that and the team including members of SLOW and BKO just got on very capably with all their jobs, including marshalling 3 separate road crossings.

Special thanks to Martin Wilson, from BKO who offered to be our Planner.  It’s refreshing but challenging to work with someone so thorough, so I’m sure I’ve learnt something on my 5th event as Organiser. And also thanks to Philip Gristwood, from MV, for Controlling.

The day finished with a competitor’s car effectively immobilised in the car park, something to do with lack of AdBlue (but not rectified by adding some more).   The AA van was replaced with the AA recovery truck but it took a number of hours before they could return to Suffolk and I was able to lock everything up afterwards.  Surprisingly enough this didn’t seem to spoil their day too much.

Hoping we see you again soon, our next events are 7 Dec at Newlands Corner, and 25 Jan on Blackheath.

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