One way to develop orienteering skills is to attend coaching sessions. Christine is planning to put on coaching sessions for GO members, initially as part of her coaching qualification, but if there is interest this may develop further.

Under a general umbrella labelled “GO the right way” the date/time/location of coaching sessions will be published here. Please email Christine if you intend to come along so that she can gauge skill requirements and materials.

Session 3 - Contours. Wednesday October 7th, The Chantries, 5.30pm. Meet at St Martha’s Hill car park on Halfpenny Lane (GR TQ 022484).

Understanding orienteering maps – the colours, symbols and control descriptions – helps significantly to perform your best. A helpful information set you can download free is here.

For anyone wanting to try out particular skills there is a permanent orienteering course on the outskirts of Guildford at Newlands Corner.