JK 2013

It has been quite a successful JK for GO. Aimee Darley won the W10 sprint at Reading University, and came 2nd in the W10 forest days at Hambleden and Cold Ash. I won the W60 sprint at Reading but didn’t do so well in the forest. I made too many errors on both days, so came 5th on Day 2 and 8th on Day 3. We had few teams in the relay and those that were there were affected by illness. The W165+ team of Linda Pakuls, Marion Bird and myself did quite well. We were 5th but probably would have come higher had Linda not mislaid her emit brick 1 minute before the start. She had to do a sprint to the hire tent to get another brick and then run the course. Impressive. I think I would have given up. She did eventually find it. SO the end of another JK. Onwards to the various British Championships in the next few weeks.