Harvester Relay 2014

I entered a team into the Harvester Relay which took place on Winterfold, east of Guildford, last Sunday. I entered a 5 person team in the handicap B competition. The race started at 1.30am. The sky was clear and the moon was out — so I was told!! I was asleep in the car trying to get enough sleep to feel energetic at 4am. Pete Couldery started off with the shorter night leg of 5.9k/215m of climb and 15 controls. He came back in 6th place. Keith Tonkin then set out on the long night leg – 8.4k/255m of climb/24 controls – a challenge. He came back in 9th position. I then did the night/dawn shortest leg – 3.7k/110m of climb and 11 controls. Not my best run but ok. Picked up a couple of places. Phil Conway then went out on the first shorter day leg – a repeat of Pete’s leg but not the same controls. He zoomed round that and brought the team up to 4th I think, and Nick Green kept the place during the long day leg – the same as Keith but different controls. That must be the best result we have had in the Harvester for years. I think we were 3rd handicap team, but 4th overall on the B course. Well done to you all. Chris