20/01/2019 Puttenham Classic (Level B)

Guildford Orienteers presents the Puttenham Classic (Level B)
a SE League event at Puttenham Common and Britty Wood
on Sunday 20 January
(using SportIdent e-punching but not SIAC)

***UPDATE*** Thursday 17th
1. More maps printed so availability on all courses
2. There will be a timed-out road crossing on the Blue course (up to 1 minute)

Final details now available – click for PDF

Revisiting the area used for the 2018 Southern Night Champs in the daylight, and with a totally different take on the area, for a full set of colour-coded courses. We are fortunate to be able to use the Hampton Estate’s Myrtles Courtyard for our event centre again, which provided a haven of heat and light at the night champs in November.

Limited late entries online at Fabian4 up to Closing Date on Wednesday 16 January, subject to map availability.

EOD available at a further £2 increased entry fee (to those shown below) subject to map availability.
Only “Advance EOD” now available online until Friday 18 January. Advance EOD means you pay and register (as well as reserve your map) before you arrive on Sunday. If you need to hire a dibber you will have to visit Registration, but otherwise you only need to discover your start time and can go straight to the Start. Advance EOD start times will be available at the event, and may or may not be available online before that.

[See Final Details for more up-to-date course data.] The following courses are available (there is a £2 supplement (£1 for juniors) for non-BOF members, and a £4 discount for full-time students on the asterisked rates):

CourseEstimated lengthSenior entry feeJunior entry fee
Black12 km£13*£7
Brown10 km£13*£7
Short Brown8 km£13*£7
Blue6.6 km£13*£7
Short Blue5.3 km£13*£7
Green4.5 km£13*£7
Short Green3,8 km£13*£7
Very Short Green3.3 km£13*£7
Light Green3.6 km£13*£7
Orange2.8 km£7£7
Yellow2.2 km£7£7
White1.5 km£7£7

Start times will be from 10:00 to 12:30

Note that the Black course requires high-capacity dibbers as more than 30 controls.

Organiser: Jeremy Wilde (organiser (at) guildfordorienteers.co.uk)
Planner: Phil Conway
Controller: Gordon Parker (SLOW)