Guildford Newlands Corner MapRun courses

Newlands Corner near Guildford
Newlands Corner is the 3rd set of our non-urban MapRun “virtual” courses, keeping away from any roads so it’s suitable for juniors as well as adults!
It lies on the chalk ridge of the North Downs in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) giving good views south across the Weald, but also on its wooded northern slope it’s a great spot for yew trees – you’ll rarely see so many large yews in such a small area with 129 ancient specimens recorded (at least 500 years old – and some probably at least 1000 years old).  It’s close to Guildford and the A3, just off the A25 with a cafe and free parking, but can be busy so time your visit carefully!
The map is at 1:5000 scale and is similar to a traditional orienteering map but with white denoting any type of woodland (rather than the usual green on an Ordnance Survey map); we are intending to have a choice of courses, but for the moment there’s just one which is suitable for beginners.

  • A Yellow (line) course with 9 controls (nominal length 1.9km).  This is the same course as controls 1 – 9 of our Permanent Orienteering course.

With line courses, all the controls must be visited in the correct numerical order i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc (or else MapRunF will report “MisPunch” when you get to the end). Don’t worry if you accidentally visit a control before you should have, just make sure you visit that control again in the correct numerical sequence.

Once you get to the Finish control, MapRun will check the controls you have visited, calculate your results and then upload them.  You will be able to compare your run with others – just select the “Results” link below for the course you ran.  The “Tracks” link will show the actual track you took (and other participants’).

It is easier to follow a printed map – the “Map” link below gives you an A4 (Landscape) pdf to download – if you print it out ‘Actual Size’ then the scale will be correct at 1cm = 50m.   Control Descriptions and Safety Notes are included as the 2nd page of the Map.

maprunf-logo MapRun directory:
UK/Surrey/SW Surrey/Guildford Newlands Corner
Guildford Newlands Corner Yellow v1
Map Results Tracks

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Safety Notes:

  • The course has been created from Open Street Map – we can’t guarantee that a route shown on the map is a legitimate right of way – please keep to public roads, paths and open spaces.
  • When running the course please be aware of horse riders / cyclists / walkers – maintain social distancing and give way if necessary. Please follow the applicable government COVID-19 restrictions and the British Orienteering Covid Guidance.
  • This course is located in Surrey which from 20/12/2020 is in a Covid Tier 4 area and from 05/01/2021 is subject to National Lockdown. Our understanding is that a single daily session of (local) outdoor exercise is permitted for those not required to self-isolate, but you should not travel beyond your local area to do it (see British Orienteering Stay At Home Guidance). You should check current government rules for yourself as to whether this activity is permitted – don’t forget that your name will be shown in the MapRun results!
  • When encountering horses, approach carefully and don’t startle them – make sure they can see you clearly.
  • Newlands Corner is popular with cyclists – be alert to mountain bikes on the trails, there won’t be much warning of their approach!
  • On the course you will encounter many yew trees (Taxus baccata) – all parts of this tree including berries and leaves are extremely poisonous (to humans and dogs) !
  • You are responsible for your own safety – this has NOT been registered as an event with British Orienteering and is not covered by their liability insurance.
  • Nearest A&E Hospital: The Royal Surrey in Guildford GU2 7XX. Directions.

Parking is at Newlands Corner Car Park, (GU4 8SE) off the A25 Shere Road, SE of Guildford. There are no parking charges but it can be busy.

The Start on the pdf map is at the far western end of Newlands Corner Car Park – where there’s white hatching on the carpark and a footpath heads north west into the woodland.

The Finish on the pdf map is close to the start, but on the south side of the Car Park and is marked by an Orienteering Finish Post.  When you pass the Finish post, then it will stop the MapRun timer, once you have started and found at least one other control.