Virtual Orienteering Courses

It may be called “virtual”, but there’s nothing virtual about the terrain, the exercise and the navigation … using your smartphone, MapRunF offers a new dimension of socially distanced orienteering while still giving a challenge. All you need to do is to load the free app, choose a course, get there and start!

MapRunF uses the GPS on your phone, starts timing you when you pass the Start control, registers any controls passed, stopping when you reach the Finish control and automatically uploads your results.  There aren’t any traditional physical controls present.  The app doesn’t give you any Control Descriptions so it’s recommended that you download and print a paper copy of the map which should have Control Descriptions included.  In any case there is a tolerance built in so you don’t have to be on top of the control for it to register.

Install the App

maprunf-logo Search for MapRunF by FNE Enterprises -  it’s available for Android and iPhone, don’t be put off by a few poor reviews.  It’s a work in progress, it’s come all the way from Australia, you’re not paying anything for it and actually works pretty well although maybe not quite as intuitive as it could be.
MapRunF for Android.

More about using MapRunF from British Orienteering.

Select the Course

  • Once the app is running, choose Select Event
  • Select UK then the county
  • Select the course you want
  • Wait for the course data to download to your phone – you can do this at home
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged (using the app is heavy on the battery)
  • Get a printout of the map, this will be easier to navigate from

Follow the Course

  • When you have reached the Start control and are ready, click Goto Start
  • There will be a red dot indicating your position on the map until the app registers the start.  This will disappear while the course is being followed.
  • The app bleeps when the the Start control has registered.  The colour of the control will change from pink to green.  You might need to wait a few moments especially if you’re under trees.  A timer for the course will then start.
  • As you follow the course then the app should register each Control in the same way (a beep and the control changes colour to green).  You don’t have to be on top of the control, it should register within 5 – 10m, but you might need to wait a little while.
  • When you pass by the Finish control, the timer stops.  If it’s a Score course, the app will work out your points.
  • Your results should be uploaded automatically to the MapRunF server.
  • Remember that you are wholly and solely responsible for your own safety and conduct while following the course either with the printed map or the MapRunF app.

 MapRunF Courses Available