Southern Night Championships (UK Orienteering League)

Guildford Orienteers presents the Southern Night Championships 2018 (Level B)
at Puttenham Common and Britty Wood

on Saturday 24 November
(using SportIdent e-punching)

At Myrtle’s Courtyard (GU10 1JH), 3.5 miles from the A3 Compton exit just south of Guildford. No dogs please.

Terrain and map: the map has been updated in 2018.

Note that entry is by Age Class, except for the Long Orange course which is suitable for less experienced night orienteers. Age Class to Course mapping as follows (with provisional course lengths):

  • Short Brown, 8km (TD5) – M18, M20, M21, M35, M40
  • Blue, 6.5km (TD5) – M16, M45, M50, M55, W20, W21, W35, W40
  • Green, 4.8km (TD5) – M60, M65, W16, W18, W45, W50, W55
  • Short Green 4.1km (TD5) – M70, M75, W60, W65, W70, W75
  • Long Orange 4.9km (Technical Difficulty 3)

This event is not recommended for complete beginners. The Organiser may refuse entry to any competitor who is M/W14 or below. Such entrants may be asked to provide evidence of competence on TD5 courses and in night orienteering. If in doubt, please contact the Organiser.

Anyone can enter and run any course. However, to be eligible for the Southern Night Championships, you must be a member of British Orienteering with your nominated association being SCOA, SEOA or SWOA. You need to enter your correct age class or ‘run up’. British Orienteering Women may be competitive in Men’s classes, but not vice versa.

To be eligible for UK Orienteering League points, you must be a member of British Orienteering and of a club affiliated to British Orienteering. You need to enter your correct age class. M80/85 should enter M75 and W80/85 should enter W75.

Eligibility and shadowing:
Anyone shadowed is not eligible for the Championships. Anyone shadowing is only eligible if their run precedes their shadowing.

Entries: online via by Sat 17 Nov
(later entries possible subject to availability of maps).

Entry fees: until 11 November the fee is £12 for Seniors, £5 for Juniors and anyone on the Long Orange course. There is a surcharge for non-BOF members (£2 Senior, £1 Junior). After 11 November the fees rise by £1 (to £13/£6).
The SI card hire fee is £1 (if you lose a hired card you will be charged the £30 it costs us to replace it).

Start times: from 5:15pm to 7pm

Assembly area: toilets, Tom’s burger wagon, Ultrasport, first aid, shelter and light!
No dogs please.

Organiser: Jeremy Wilde (organiser (at)
Planner: Tim Denton
Controller: Alan Wallis (SN)

Two weeks earlier, on 10 November, GO is offering a Level D Night Orienteering event at Blackheath near Guildford. An ideal preparation for the SNC, in Surrey terrain! Contact the SNC Organiser for more details and to reserve an entry (so we print enough maps).

Personal data provided will be used only by the event organisers and their agents, and only for this event. It will be used to process your entry and results, check for missing runners, trace lost SI cards and validate insurance claims. Your name, club and age class will be published in Entry and Results lists. By submitting an entry you confirm you accept this.

You take part in this event at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.