15/5/2019 – Puttenham Potter for WOD

Guildford Orienteers present a Level D event at Lower Puttenham on Wednesday 15th May 2019

There will be four courses, as below. You can email the organiser (organiser at guildfordorienteers.co.uk) to reserve a map and pay on the day or you can enter online on Fabian4.


2.0 km

Easy, all controls within sight of paths. Suitable for beginners. Help and advice will be available for newcomers.


2.8 km

More challenging. Some compass work needed.


4.7 km

For experienced orienteers


6.0 km

For experienced orienteers

Parking – will be at Puttenham Common Middle Car Park (Suffield Lane, Puttenham, GU3 1BG)

Facilities – few! There will be First Aid but NO TOILETS.

Registration and Starts from 5:30pm to 7pm. Courses close at 8pm. Registration, start and finish will all be within 100m of the car park.

Entry fees – Seniors £6, Juniors £3. SI Dibber hire £1. (Not SIAC)

Organiser: Karen Mills-Hicks (email: organiser at guildfordorienteers.co.uk)

Orienteering is an adventure sport. All competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

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