Godalming Urban Race

Level C, UK Urban League and SEOUL

SATURDAY 20th October 2018

Location: Godalming & Farncombe from Charterhouse School.

Parking & assembly: At Charterhouse School, GR SU959453 (postcode GU7 2DX) v close to Start / Finish.

Preliminary event flyer: here (PDF) updated 11/10/18

Final Details: here (PDF) updated 13/10/18

Courses: All the usual UKUL/SEOUL courses.

  1. Men Open – no under16s
  2. Men Veteran (40+), WomenOpen – no under 16s
  3. Men Super Vet (55+), Women Vet (40+) – no under 16s
  4. Men Ultra Vet (65+), Women Super Vet (55+) – no under 16s
  5. Women Ultra Vet (65+) – no under 16s
  6. Men/Women Juniors (16-)
  7. Men/Women Young Juniors (12-) – suitable for beginners

Facilities: Toilets & Limited First Aid at Enquiries. Please bring your own water.

Fees: By first closing date Seniors £10 (+£2 non British Orienteering members), Juniors £4, Adult Novice (courses 6/7) £6. Second closing date and EOD add £2/£1 adults/juniors respectively. SI card hire £1 (£30 if lost) / SIAC card Hire £2.50 (£60 if lost).

Pre-entries: Online via www.fabian4.co.uk.

Closing dates: First closing date Midnight Friday 12/10/18. After this entries are subject to available maps but we expect there to be more than sufficient. Online entries will close Midnight Wednesday 17th October, thereafter there will be entry on the day at Enquiries.

Registration: For EOD, SI/SIAC card collection 10:00 to 12:00.

Start times: 10:30 to 12:30. Courses close 14:00.

Final details: Published a week before the event on GO website.

Results: Now available here

Safety: Competitors take part in this event at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. The competition takes place in public residential areas with numerous road crossings. There may be timed out sections where there is a busy road. IMPORTANT: It is a condition of our insurance that those under the age of 16 on the day of the event must enter 16 minus or young juniors (courses 6 or 7). First aid kit at enquiries.

Organiser: Frederick Smith (GO), eventorganiser @ guildfordorienteers.co.uk

Planner: Richard Collyer (GO)
Controller: Linda Pakuls (WIM)

British Orienteering registered event number 73059.


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